Feed Bins

Food storage is a vital component of any ag operation. Farms large and small must securely and safely store food. At Farmer Boy, we understand the importance of quality equipment that you can depend on. That’s why we partner with top manufacturers of bulk feed bins. All livestock feed bin options that we sell and install are made from quality materials by trusted brands.

Shop our bulk feed bins for sale below or give our sales team a call at 1-800-845-3374 to learn more or place an order!

Versatile Feed Bin Options

Depending on the type of livestock and size of your farm, your feed storage needs will vary. We carry a range of feed bin sizes for any type of farm – from simple homesteads to large commercial farms. With feed bins at capacities as low as 0.68 tonnage to as large as 53.5 total tonnage with standard diameters ranging from 4’ to 12’. 

We can also work with you to design feed bins with customized hopper openings and roof pitch. View our options or contact us for more information.

Farm-tested, Quality Bulk Bin Materials

Quality construction begins with quality materials. Farmer Boy feed bins are constructed from materials that can withstand the elements. Galvanized steel feed bins are available for high capacity needs while poly feed bins are better suited for smaller, lightweight options.

Metal Bulk Feed Bins

Our metal bulk feed tanks are constructed from high quality G-90 galvanized steel. Side panels are tooled and shaped in-house for high-level precision for easy assembly.

Bins are fitted with 12 ga. steel hopper collars – 30% stronger than the industry-wide standard collar. Reinforced bin roofs are available in 30 degree or 40 degree options.

Poly Bins

Polyethylene feed tanks are corrosion and UV resistant, making them an excellent all-weather option when a smaller, lighter bin footprint is needed. The ultra smooth interior is ideal for high moisture feeds and concentrates. Because it’s nonporous and corrosion resistant, poly bins offer extended life and options for high flow feeds. 

Semi-transparent material also makes monitoring feed levels simple and at a glance. Be sure to learn more about our poly feed bin options for a versatile range of additions.

All The Feed Bin Accessories You Need

From augers and hopper cones to agitators and more, Farmer Boy has all of the feed bin parts and accessories you need to keep your tanks working smoothly.

Be sure to give our sales team a call at 1-800-845-3374 to purchase everything you need when purchasing a new feed bin. We carry all of the parts you need, including BinTrac® weighing systems for new or existing tanks.

Installation and Support From Farmer Boy

Our construction team is available to help build and install your new feed tanks on-site. Learn more about our construction services and call our team at 1-800-845-3374 to get started with feed bin installation or larger barn build projects!