Poultry Flooring

Our poultry flooring is made from high impact, wear resistant polypropylene plastic designed to replace wood and wire slats in poultry breeder houses.
CLEANABILITY: The openings can cut cleaning time in half compared to wood slats. The large openings also allow the birds to continually work the manure though the openings to maintain a clean environment. Eggs laid on plastic were significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats.
DURABILITY: Plastic poultry flooring slats have superior impact and wear resistance.
ROT-PROOF/NON-POROUS: Our solid plastic construction is rot/corrosion proof, resists microorganisms build up and sheds waste easily.
PERFORMANCE: Plastic Chicken Coop Flooring reduces foot pad problems, leg problems, and breast blisters experienced with wood slats. It will easily outlast wood slats.