Poly Feed Bins

Call for Price - 800-845-3374

Call for Price - 800-845-3374


Farmer Boy's Bulk Poly Feed Tanks perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Every component is made from the finest raw materials available. 


The bulk feed tanks are designed for free-flowing material only. Soybean meal, meat scraps, and many other materials that are not free-flowing should not be stored in these tanks without agitation. If you have questions regarding the flowability of a material you intend to use, please call and speak to one of our salesmen.

Standard Bulk Bin Features:
  • Visible feed level
  • Easy to assemble
  • 7 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Corrosion resistant for long life
  • Large poly bins have 60 cone & ultra smooth interior finish for easy, even feed flow
  • Reduced feed outages with the ultra smooth cone feed flow
  • Heavy duty steal ring and support stand
  • Large 22" fill opening
  • Large poly bins have 35 roof for maximizing fill height
  • Ideal strength and flow for high moisture feeds, corn, soybean, salt, concentrates (premix), etc.


Available options:

  • Remote feed management and notifications
  • Bin scales and load cells
  • 60 or 67 degree hopper slopes with a 16” or 22” hopper opening
  • Fully die-formed side ladders
  • Vertical cable safety system (Recommended)
  • Bin lid snow guard
  • Sure-Flo and Flow Hammer™ feed bridging solutions
  • Automatic slide gate
  • Straight drop, 30 degree and double boot models in black, translucent or clear
  • Unloaders in single, twin, and quad models
  • Sidewall or hopper windows
  • Pneumatic fill-kit
  • Flex Augers
  • Core Augers



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