Wall Air Inlets

Wall Air Inlets offer quick, easy adjustment to open at different static pressures.
When static pressure is created by ventilation fans, Wall Air Inlet blades automatically open and allow fresh air to mix with warm air, evenly distributing air throughout the room. Engineered to open at a 0.05 to 0.07 static pressure, each Wall Air Inlet blade has an adjustable counterweight for balancing multiple inlets at different static pressures. You are able to adjust each blade to a lower or a higher static pressure for optimal efficiency. When fans stop, the counterweight closes the translucent louver blades.
Wall Air Inlets are a gravity wall inlet that is ideally located between preheated hallways and the animal room. For better air mixing, the wall inlets louver blades open from the top instead of the bottom, designed to direct airflow towards the ceiling area. Each counterbalance louver blade is translucent or clear, to allow more natural light into the room. Constructed of heavy-duty PVC corrosion-resistant material, Wall Air Inlets are easy to install and maintain, and are pressure washer friendly.
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