Farrowing Floor Systems

Dura-Tuff farrowing floor system offers a variety of options to meet the requirements and specification of any farrowing operation. The plastic and cast combination has proven to reduce crush factor by providing a clean, cool surface for the piglets. The new interlocking cast iron sow floor interlocks with the plastic creep area floor on the fiberglass beam to create the most stable farrowing floor yet. It also interlocks on the ends to prevent the cast iron floor from spreading apart. Also available is a plastic farrowing floor that includes a heavy-duty sow floor with superior traction.

• The plastic/cast combination provides a cool surface for the sow while the plastic creep area provides a warm surface for the piglets.
• This combination will keep the piglets on the warm plastic surface and reduce the crush factor.
• Independent test show Dura-Tuff cast iron flooring is stronger than cast iron floors made in Germany.
• The plastic sow floor is made from a high impact virgin polypropylene material and its heavy-duty design will hold up in any farrowing operation.
• The top of our cast iron flooring has a high/low design for superior traction.
• There are no rough edges; the surface provides a cool comfortable environment for the sow.
• The plastic sow floor surface features raised traction squares to aid sows in getting up and down.
• Designed to fit most farrowing crate dimensions.
• Available in raised or flat interlocking cast iron sow floor.
• Cast iron or plastic sow centers available.
• Superior fiberglass support system that clear spans up to 8 feet.
• The fiberglass beam is corrosion/rust proof and price to compete with steel supports.
• For clear spans over 8 feet we offer a leg support system.
• Dura-Tuff farrowing floor systems will also work with 1/4" steel beams. The steel beams must be hot dip galvanized or stainless.
• Raised traction squares aid sows in getting up and down while providing a comfortable laying surface.
• Heavy-Duty construction made out of high-grade virgin polypropylene material. This makes Dura-Tuff's wear and impact resistance superior to other plastic farrowing floors.
• Twelve-inch support beam spacing under the sow for maximum durability. We offer a superior fiberglass support system that clears spans up to 8 feet. The fiberglass beam is corrosion/rust proof and priced to compete with steel supports. Dura-Tuff farrowing floor system will work with steel beams. The steel beams must be hot dip galvanized or stainless.
• Dura-Tuff plastic sow floor interlocks with our nursery/creep floor to provide the most economical farrowing floor on the market.


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