DuraStrike™ Fly Bait 28 Pound Bucket

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Starbar® DuraStrike™ fly scatter bait is a ready-to-use granular bait for use in and around residential, commercial and agricultural structures to control house and fruit flies and kill blow flies indoors.

DuraStrike™ fly scatter bait can be used in conjunction with QuikStrike® fly scatter bait, Golden Malrin® fly bait and Cyanarox® insecticidal bait as an alternative or additional rotational product.

With four fly baits that have different active ingredients, modes of action, and attractants, there is no reason to go anywhere else for your fly control needs.

DuraStrike™ fly scatter bait can also be used in refillable bait stations or as a scatter bait.

Use DuraStrike™ fly scatter bait to control flies, including house flies and lesser house flies.

  • Controls house and fruit flies in and around residential, commercial, institutional and agricultural structures
  • Kills blow flies indoors
  • Provides an alternative mode of action for insecticide resistance management
  • Can be used as part of an integrated pest management program
  • The amount of bait applied can be adjusted to the level of fly population present, even as low as 1.6 oz per 1000 sq-ft for the maintenance of fly populations


  • Insects Controlled
    • House Flies
    • Fruit Flies
    • Blow Flies
  • Application Areas
    • Dairies
    • Broiler Houses
    • Poultry Houses
    • Kennels
    • Canneries
    • Food Processing Plants
    • Beverage Processing Plants
    • Refuse Dumpsters
    • Stables
    • Swine Facilities
    • Feedlots


Brand Starbar®
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Brand Starbar®
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