Chain Disk Feeding System

Chain Disk feed delivery systems have the flexibility to adapt to all types of swine production facilities and the ability to overcome the performance and reliability constraints of other systems. Chain Disk is ideally suited to delivering feed to multiple farrowing rooms, individual sow stalls, electronic sow feed systems and the high volume demands of large finishing facilities. The gentle conveying method limits damage to expensive pelleted rations and prevents particle separation in ground feed rations. Chain Disk’s rugged design, quality components and unique control system enable it to outperform the competition in capacity, distance and durability.

  • Heavy-Duty Chain Polypropylene Plastic disks are injection molded around heavy-duty welded chain. Connection links are simple and secure.
  • Clear heavy wall PVC feed line tubes allow feed to be easily viewed as it is delivered. Economical white tubes, or a combination of both, are available. Heavy gauge galvanized steel tubing is also available to prevent tube wear in Chain Disk applications that require longer run times.
  • Tight Turn Radius Chain Disk corners allow the system to turn 180 degrees in a 24" space. Corners are available for both horizontally or vertically applications for maximum versatility.
  • Chain Disk drive units are constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and feature heavy duty, high efficiency, helical bevel gearboxes. Drive units include an automatic chain tensioning system and a safety shut off switch to shut down the system if it becomes plugged by a foreign object.
  • Two models of controllers are available. The APCD-500 features a 24 hour time clock and actuator outputs making it ideal for automated feeding in breeding and farrowing facilities.The APCD-600 features continuous feeding making it the ideal controller for nurseries and finishing.
  • Max Run Timers automatically shut down the feed system if it runs continuously for an excessive amount of time indicating that a bin has run empty or that a costly feed spill is occurring.

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