Potter Nesting System

AVINEST is a comprehensive range of fully automated poultry nesting systems.
Features Include:
• Variable speed controls for all egg collection belts
• Separate motors and controls for each belt, allowing individual use
• Perforated Original Astroturf nest pads allow all the dust and muck to fall away to ensure cleaner eggs
• Automatic Lifting Nest Floors raise up at night to close the nests, keeping the hens out of the nest and nest pads cleaner
• Strong steel rack and pinion or chain lifting system is used to ensure complete reliability
• Automatic interior lights behind every nest to help attract the hens into the nest
• All partitions made from 3/4" washable coated ply
• Entire nest is a very substantial construction and is made to last
• The design makes nests very easy to clean and protect hatching eggs
• Two-Tier Nest uses an egg collection system - Curved mini conveyors bring the eggs to one level
• Customized collection systems are available for both Potter and other nest makes
• Choice of front or rear roll-away nests is available
• Specialized nests available for unusual poultry house sizes; Popular options: High Capacity Single Tier or Half Two-Tier Wall Stack
• Original flat top nest for extra floor area available, or peaked top nest for Breeder or Embryo production
Nest Configurations:
• Single Tier, front roll-away (egg belts outside of the nest)
• Single Tier, rear roll-away (egg belts in the center of the nest)
• Two Tier, front roll-away
• Two Tier, rear roll-away

 For more information about the Potter Nesting System and for price quotes, please call (800) 845-3374 or email us at inquiries@farmerboyag.com