Burn-Easy Agricultural Incinerator

Burn Easy Incinerators easily reduce 100lb of carcass to less than one gallon of ash. This pollution-free disposal method meets or exceeds EPA guidelines. In addition, biosecurity hazard concerns are virtually eliminated, since burning destroys the spread of disease and keeps rendering trucks off your property.

The incinerator has a patented, thermostatically controlled system that shuts the burner down when the chamber reaches the desired level. This means you save up to 65% on fuel consumption, a savings of more than a gallon of fuel per hour.

The unit has a horizontal burn chamber with flames passing over the carcass for complete, clean burn. The patented, special insulating refractory block liner reflects rather than absorbs heat, acting like an additional burner. This results in hotter, more uniform disposal.

These heavy-duty incinerators are built to last. The shell is made from heavy-duty 3/8" to 1/2" heat tempered, continuous welded steel for maximum strength. The units are reinforced with 1" x 2" bars for extended life. The pre-cured liner withstands temperatures of 3,000°F for extended cremator life.

Block liner replacements are available at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.


  • Direct fire afterburners are available if required by local or state codes
  • LP or NG burners are an available option to customers
  • Winch Kits are also available on all units
Model Diameter Door Door Diameter Capacity
Model 34 4' x 30" Single Door 36" x 19" 200 lbs.
Model 36 6' x 30" Single Door 36" x 19" 400 lbs.
Model 37-1 7' x 30" Single Door 36" x 19" 500 lbs.
Model 30-2 6' x 30" Double Door 48" x 23" 400 lbs.
Model 37-2 7' x 30" Double Door 48" x 23" 500 lbs.
Model 367-1 7' x 36" Single Door 36" x 19" 700 lbs.
Model 367-2 7' x 36" Single Door 52" x 23" 700 lbs.
Model 428 8' x 42" Single Door 66" x 32" 1,200 lbs.
Model 529 9' x 52" Single Door 51" x 78" 106 cu. ft.


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