Tie Stalls

Tie Stalls designed to enhance both animal’s comfort and personnel convenience. The Liberty Loop stalls eliminate uncomfortable pressure points while cows are resting. We provide a full selection of hot-dipped galvanized mounting hardware to make your remodel or new facility complete.

Generation II Tie Stall System

Fully adjustable neck rail, stalls and water bowls

• Stall dividers are bolted for adjustable height

• Neck rail is bolted for adjustable rail height

• Generation II liberty loops designed for cow comfort

• 24” stainless wet set channel for durability in corrosive areas

• Available in feed guard, water bowl, and end stall models


Conventional Tie Stall System

• 1.9” OD 10 gauge high tensile galvanized loop

• 2” square heavy wall galvanized posts for a strong foundation

• Stainless steel sleeve welded to post for critical corrosion protection at curb line

• Vertical stall brace and triangular stainless steel gusset in loop to post connection provide ultimate reinforcement

• Optional corner saver for end stalls allows more clearance at corners

• Available in feed guard, water bowl, and end stall models


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Generation II Tie Stall System - Fully Adjustable!
Conventional Tie Stall System - Liberty Loop
Conventional Tie Stall System - Standard Loop