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  • Cellulose Kraft type paper coated with rigidifying saturants, anti-rot, wetting, adhesive and aromatic additives.
  • Special water absorbent paper made with low inoculants (additives for paper manufacturing) 110 grams/square meter
  • 2” and 4” thickness also available
  • These systems take advantage of the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress
  • Smooth cut on evaporative cooling parts smooth edges (no burrs) clean cut reduces pressure drops
  • Proprietary two part cross adhesive-better water absorption through the wetting process-more cooling efficiency than competitors
  • Precise flute angles-provides better cooling transfer efficiencies-the correct angles put more water on the entering side of the pad where the air in hot, dry and dusty
  • Quick dry-dries quickly to prevent the growth of moisture related microorganisms
  • Cooling efficiency-more efficiency per cubic foot-structurally rigid (no gaps) double angle pitch (provides greater water distribution over the pads) ratio number of degrees of cooling vs wet bulb depression performed better than competitors
  • 6 in THK
  • 15/45 flute
  • 1 side edge guard coated
  • Manufactured for a long life in the toughest conditions
  • 3/4 in coating one side
  • Our cool cell pads are made with heavyweight saturation-grade kraft paper designed for high water absorption rates
  • This specialty kraft paper is also formulated for consistent resin pick up
  • Consistent dura edge (black edge) coating-more resistant to minerals and algae-easier to clean-greater protection against mineral buildup and contaminants
  • Cellulose Kraft type paper impregnated with rigidifying saturants, anti-rot additives, wetting additives, adhesive and aromatic additives
  • Cellulose Kraft type paper, special water absorbent paper made with low encolants (additives for paper manufacturing) 110 grams / square meter.
  • Priced, Functional and Reliable are important characteristics for Arctic Air Evaporative Pads
  • Operating Maintenance - is defined as maintaining clean water (clean well water or chlorinated city water) and proper pH levels, as well as the following list of maintenance items.
  • Operating Maintenance - Dry pads every 24 hours to prevent algae buildup
  • Reasonable Water Quality - is defined as proper pH levels between 6-8 pH Alkalinity (as calcium carbonate) No chlorine use above 1 ppm.


Brand Arctic Air®
Suitable For Use With Evaporative Cool Cell System
UNSPSC 40101700
Width 12 in
With With Edge G

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Brand Arctic Air®
Suitable For Use With Evaporative Cool Cell System
UNSPSC 40101700
Width 12 in
With With Edge G


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